10 Foods Made in China That Are Filled With Plastic, Pesticides and Cancer Causing Chemicals

China is incredibly important in the modern world, and apart from its incredible tradition and specific, delicious cuisine, it also manufactures numerous products we need and use daily

Yet, its industry has been under the public eye recently, due to the deficiency of standards, and people have started to avoid Chinese imported products.


Namely, there have been some outrageously cheap Chinese products on the market, full of toxic ingredients, and these have been sold in the United States and all over the world.

We will reveal 10 Chinese illegal foods that you should avoid, as they are rich in dangerous toxins, and are commonly shipped from the other side of the world:

1. Tilapia Fish


80% of tilapia in America comes from China. The fish are bottom feeders and will eat almost anything. With water pollution, the way it is in China, eating anything raised in that water would be unsafe to say the least. Plus, who knows what the fish are being fed. There is, also, one study that states tilapia is less healthy than bacon.

2. Fake Ginseng

The ginseng root as a popular medicinal plant, and it has been commonly used in China for over three millennia. Its prices have been raised rapidly, so numerous ginseng tried to find a way to make a profit and started boiling  it in sugar, in order to make the root heavier.

Wei Feng, a Chinese medicine expert from the National Institute for Food and Drug Control (NIFDC), claims that it is a major issue, not only the retailers are ripping off the customers, but also because this procedure actually removes the nutritional values.

He found that the natural ginseng has 20% content of sugar, and the fake one includes up to 70% sugar, and it highly harmful for health.

3. Fake Green Peas

Fake green peas have been found in China. These fake peas were created with snow peas, soy beans, along with green dye and sodium metabisulfite (a chemical that is used as the bleach and as a preservative). This dye is banned from using on produce because it may cause cancer, as well as inhibit the body’s natural ability to absorb calcium. These green peas also didn’t soften when boiled and the water turned an unnatural green color.

4. Imitation Eggs

There are some instructional videos on Chinese websites which show a way to make $70 a day by producing and selling fake eggs. These fake eggs contain harmful ingredients, including Gelatin, Alginic Acid, Calcium Chloride, water, Potassium Alum, and artificial color.

They eggshells are made from Calcium Carbonate, and the consumption of these eggs leads to memory loss and dementia.

5. Fake Sweet Potato Noodles

The Chinese authorities found that a facility located in Zhongshan city, China, which produced at least 5.5 tons of fake noodles. Numerous people complained about the strange taste of the sweet potato noodles.

The investigation of the authorities found that these noodles consisted of corn with an industrial ink, which provided a purple color, and paraffin wax.

6. Plastic Rice

There are reports that China is now sending over rice that isn’t really rice. When cooked, it stays hard. The rice may actually be made of potato and resin. Essentially, plastic rice is on the market, and this may give the GMO grain companies a run for their money.

7. Industrial salt sold as table salt

Due to the adverse effects of its consumption, the industrial salt is labeled as “unfit for human consumption,”, but it is much cheaper. Within the last 13 years, 788 tons of it was sold by at least 12 people.

This harmful salt leads to mental and physical issues, including reproductive system disorders and hypothyroid issues.

8. Making beef out of pork

Pork is much cheaper in China, so it has been sold as beef in Chinese restaurants. It is chemically processed, added a beef extract and a glazing agent to “marinate” it in 90 minutes. Experts recommend people to stay away from the fake beef meat, as its long-term use leads to deformity, poisoning, and even cancer.

9. Baby formula

The CBS News reported that almost 50 people were accused of manufacturing fake instant baby formula, which caused numerous deaths in children in the Fuyang province, China in 2004. This instant baby formula included only a few nutrients, and it was mostly made of chalk. All the children who consume it developed a “big head disease”, manifested by swelled heads, and slow deterioration of the rest of the body.

10. Mud sold as black pepper

This is shocking as well! In China’s Guangdong Province, it was reported on the local news that a market vendor sold local mud as black pepper. Also, the white pepper was mainly made out of flour, and when he was caught by the authorities, he only said that his product would not kill people. Unbelievable!