10 Terrifying Ingredients Found in Food From McDonald’s From Which Will Make You Sick!

Honestly, who can resist delicious cheeseburger or French fries? Well, we have news for you, that will change your entire view of delicious fast food!

Health experts around the world agree that McDonald’s is one of the more dangerous the food chain and there is a good reason for it.

First of all, this kind of food leads to obesity and weight gain, the latter being major cardiovascular problems, cholesterol and digestive problems.


This is the 10 main ingredients that will change your thinking about them right now. Here they are:

ammonium sulphate

The compound is an inorganic salt, mainly used as fertilizer, and is located in the development of flame! The main problem that causes this salt hormonal imbalance.

silicone oil

The purpose of this compound is used, in addition to food, in the manufacture of contact lenses. Also known as, dimethylpolysiloxane or silicon oil. Since it is not biodegradable, the compound is not used in cosmetic products. To cut a long story, to protect your health and stay away from junk food.


It usually goes by the acronym, so whenever you notice this, be aware. This is stated in the content of many food products, such as mainly chips, snacks and of course, fast food. Also, you can find it in some cosmetic products such as nail varnish and hairsprays. Although it states that it is ‘safe’ TBHQ is limited to use, especially in the food industry.

Side effects of consuming TBHQ can cause deterioration of the symptoms of ADHD, stomach cancer and impaired DNA. Although people think that fast food is very affordable and easy for some to turn it into a lifestyle. And it is a fact that needs to be changed as soon as possible.

propylene glycol

This chemical finds its main use in cars – is responsible for the absorption of water by antifreeze. On the other hand, is widely used in food production, and this poses a serious health threat to all people. Propylene glycol is also used to prevent sunburn, or could damage the skin if left too long