5 Ways to Ease Your Bunions Without Surgery


Bunions which actually are salt deposits are activated by infections associated with rheum, improper nutrition, poor metabolism, uncomfortable shoes and tonsillitis.

People with deposits like this feel big pain if they appear on their legs and because of that they search the proper footwear for a while because they look unattractive. In this article re are going to present you traditional medicine that will help solve the problem in a short period of time.

The first thing you should do is to clean the body from salt deposits.

Follow the steps:

  1. In pan place 1 tablespoon of crushed bay leaves and 300 ml of water and heat for 5 min. It is recommended to do this procedure in the evening so after you finish heating, let it stay during the night. You should consume small amounts of the drink when you wake up and during the day but do not drink it all at once. After the consumption of the drink, you will have frequent need to urinate which represents good sign. The pain will disappear in just 10 days and you will be relieved.
  2. Another powerful relieving tool in case of painful joints, bunions and other growths is mixture between aspirin and iodine. This is the procedure: in 10 ml of iodine, chop up 5 Andols or aspirins (200 mg). Shake the mixture until it becomes colorless. Smear the painful places (growths, aching joints or ankles) every night with this solution. Keep warm over night and you will quickly feel the beneficial effects of this remedy.
  3. This recipe is recommended for deformed bunions, plain soap relieves inflammation and pain. First of all, shred some soap, apply it on the affected parts and gently massage. After that wash, pat dry and then draw the foil with some iodine. It is recommended to dip a cotton bud in the povidone iodine and then draw a “net” over the affected parts (bunions)

    Cross over some vertical and horizontal lines, only a centimeter apart from each other. The absorption of iodine is best in this way. When the iodine will be dried, put on socks. In general this treatment lasts about 30 days.

  4. Prepare a mixture of 100 ml of 70% pure alcohol and 5 large bay leaves. This remedy is efficient for the stones inside your body converting them into sand. This powerful treatment lasts 2 months. In a mixture between 1 tbsp of baking soda and 3l of water, you have to steam your feet before you add the mixture at your bunions. Pat your feet dry and then apply the mixture, put on some cotton socks, lie down and relax.
  5. You can mix equal amounts of iodine and lemon juice which is another effective in the case of heel spurs. You only have to apply it on the affected parts.

Get rid of bunions and enjoy your life like never before.


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