7 Plants For Your Home & Garden To Protect You From Mosquitoes

We all love to enjoy the long summer days and the warm summer evenings, but there are some insects that can steal all our joy, especially in the evenings. And we all have to admit, mosquitoes are the most annoying of them all.

Fortunately, you can plant one (or more) of these plants and finally enjoy yourself in the evenings. Check out Craftsy’s list of the best natural insect repellents below:

Note: Although people debate whether you need to crush the leaves of these plants to get the full effect, the truth is  that just having them around does the trick. Read on and feel free to share your opinion in the comment section below.

1. Basil


While some of us adore the smell of this herb, mosquitos and flies hate its smell. Grow this plant in a sunny location around your home or on a balcony, put some pots near doors, windows, or any open space where you want to enjoy your summer evenings.

2. Catnip


Your cat will definitely thank you for this, and you’ll get to enjoy this plant’s white and purple flowers. You can add some catnip to your flower beds and enjoy gardening without fighting off mosquitoes.

3. Citronella Grass


As you probably already know, citronella grass is the main ingredient in repellents and the candles everybody puts outside in the summertime. Add the grass in a sunny spot near your doors, windows, patio, or any other open space where you want to enjoy the evenings.

Note: Be careful with the plant as its concentrated oils can irritate your skin.

4. Lemon Balm


This plant is a cousin to mint, it grows fast and reseeds every year. Its scent pushes away mosquitos and other flies.

5. Lemon Thyme


I believe we all love the smell of lemon thyme, but obviously, the smell is terrible to mosquitos. Plant it in a sunny spot near your doors or in your garden.

6. Mint


Grow mint around the house and keep your home mosquito-free while you enjoy its fresh smell.

7. Lavender


Lovely plant, we all love the smell of it. You’ve probably heard about the many benefits of Lavander scent. Plant lavender in your garden or hang some dried lavender in your rooms. Except bees, other bugs hate the smell of lavender, including mosquitoes.

Don’t you think that these solutions are wonderful? You’ll get lovely fragrant and mosquito-free evenings!

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