The Acupressure Points You Need to Know to Quickly Relieve Gas, Bloating and Stomach Pain

Acupressure the most popular alternative medicine technique, probably because it combines both pressure and acupuncture. It involves application of pressure on accurate acupuncture points. Many people believe that acupressure enhances digestion, meaning it helps the stomach to empty more efficiently, and thus prevent bloating and flatulence. In this article we will explain you how does acupressure work for your stomach (and gases).


Here are some of the main acupressure points on our body for gas that you can try to relieve bloating and other stomach issues

1.Stomach points

Location: Look for these on the middle line of your body. The Center of Energy, or the first point, is located right above the navel. The other point is located 2 centimeters below it. It is known as the Sea of Energy.


How It Helps: Apply pressure on the acupressure points for gas to reduce constipation, stomach pain, abdominal contraction, emotional stress heartburn, back pain, and frustration. For optimal results, put pressure on these points on a regular basis.


Where They Are: The lower back acupressure points for gas are situated on the lower side of the body and also called the Sea of Vitality. The area around your waistline has 4 lower back points for gas.


How It Helps: Apply pressure on these points for gas to relieve indigestion, abdominal pain and stomach ache. However, if you are dealing with back problems, skip these points, as their stimulation may aggravate your problem.


Where They Are: The hand acupressure points for gas are located on the inside of the wrist and are also referred to as Inner Gate Point.


How It Helps: Applying pressure on the hand acupressure points for gas improves the digestive process and eliminates nausea and stomach pain.

4. Points on feet

Location: There are two important shiatsu acupressure points on the feet. You can easily find these using your thumb. The first point is located on the top of the arch, just a finger width away from the ‘ball.’ The second point is the meeting point of your second and big toe, right on the top of the foot.


How It Helps: Stimulate the first point for a minute to soothe your stomach, improve circulation, and reduce gases. Apply pressure on the second point for a minute as well to relieve bloating and gas.


Where They Are: This point is also known as Zu San Li, meaning “leg three miles”. In other words, these points boost energy and allow people to walk three miles very easily when they are tired.To locate the point, bend the leg and place 4 fingers below the kneecap. Begin with your index finger at the base of the kneecap and rest of the fingers below it. The point is located on the outer side of the shin bone.


How It Helps: The stimulation of this point boosts energy, boosts immunity, improves digestion, and relives nausea, vomiting, constipation, gas, bloating, and diarrhea.

6. Three Yin Crossing

Location: It is set about 3 fingers width above the inner ankle bone.

How It Helps: Stimulate this point to relieve conditions associated with your lower abdomen, such as flatulence, abdominal distention and colitis.

  • Begin with applying light pressure on all the acupressure points for gas
  • Make sure to apply four levels of pressure and press deeper every time
  • Massage the deepest point in circular motions
  • For optimal results, use essential oils with acupressure. You can either apply them right on the points or after the therapy
  • Relax yourself and breathe deeply with your eyes closed while massaging the acupressure points for gas
  • Repeat the procedure when needed
  • Ask for assistance in case you are not able to massage the acupressure points for gas yourself