Alarming Signs You’re Eating Too Much Sugar!

Our food which we are buying everyday is full of sugar,no matter if it is artificial or natural.”The Book Impact Diet” which was written by JJ Virgin,fitness trainer,he wrote a diet which rumor:Drop 7 sugars to lose up to 10 pounds in just 2 weeks.He also advice us how we can protect our health and how we can stay away from harmful ingredients which can damage our organism.

He also explained many reasons why we should not eat too much sugar.Do you know how the excess intake of sugar can effect our organism?
Many health-conscious people believe that all-natural sugars as agave, natural juice, raw cane sugar, are safe, but the reality is that they have a detrimental effect on our health.


Warning signs you’re eating too much sugar:

Tiredness & Lack of energy
Anxiety or depression
Frequent colds & flu
Skin problems (including dark circles under your eyes)
Weight problems
Dental issues
Heart problems and High blood pressure
Sugar/Carb Cravings
To end sugar cravings your body needs to burn fat as its primary fuel

It does not matter in what form we consume the sugar(a fruit-sweetened yogurt,a muffin or a smoothie)it sends the same information and that is SUGAR.

It is obvious that you cannot eliminate the sugar from your body but you can decrease the intake of sugar.By eliminating sugar,you will immediately feel more energizes and you will be more focus.It can be challenging for the organism but by the time you will be accostumed.
The sugar impact scales: a new way of looking at sugar

The first thing you need to do is to measure yourself and to find the starting point by determining the waist-to-hip ratio. Then, make a list of all sugar you intake without realizing it which cause danger to your diet.
Start reading the labels on every food you eat. Many foods as the jar of pickles, condiments, sauces, and marinades contain sugar and you have no idea. The difference between fructose and glucose is that fructose doesn’t trigger insulin, leptin or ghrelin.

Your body isn’t aware that you ate something and it directly goes to the liver, where if it can’t turn into glycogen, it turns into fat.

How can you know if you have a high sugar impact? The most common symptoms are gas and bloating, joint pain, headaches, fatigue, inability to lose weight or weight loss resistance, and sugar cravings. You can get a clearer picture of how sugar impacts your body with grading yourself on these symptoms.

The three cycles of the sugar impact diet
In the first cycles, you switch from high sugar impact foods to medium sugar impact foods, thus adapting your body to the new changes. For instance, if you ate plain pasta, you will star eating quinoa pasta.

You need to measure the time between your meals, and not eat every 2 hours so that you don’t feel insulin spikes. When this period finishes, you will measure again your sugar impact to see the results.

If everything is done right you will move on cycle two in which you will reset your taste buds and reclaim your sugar sensitivity. And you will have the ability to feel how sweet the food is.

For most people the shift from burning sugars to burning fats comes in a matter of weeks. But if your insulin/leptin resistance is very high it may take you longer, but however you will get there.
The real challenge is in the last, third cycle – reintroducing some medium and high sugar impact foods. You will be overwhelmed by the sweetness and feel bloated from the high sugar impact foods.
Healthy snack alternatives
Whenever you feel hungry the ideal daily combination would be a large salad for lunch and nuts, macadamia nuts, and occasionally pecans.

The nuts are high in good fat but low in protein and they eliminate the possibility of eating a whole day’s worth of protein in a handful of nuts.
Last but not least- the maintenance phase
Every time when you feel that you are lacking of energy or you feel hungry do not take anything which contains sugar.In this way you can easily burn your weight and your organism will realize that it feel better when you do not intake sugar.

The fitness trainer is also giving useful advice which include exercises over endurance training.That exercises can be very beneficial for your metabolism and will provide you muscle growth while your are boosting fat.