What Aloe Vera Does In Your Body: Why Egyptians Called It The Plant Of Immortality?

Aloe Vera is a plant which is widely known for its wide exhibit of amazing healing properties. It has been used for quite a long time. Indeed, even the Egyptians called it the plant of everlasting status. Aloe Vera is packed with more than 200 biologically active and naturally occurring compounds. These include vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, polysaccharides and minerals that animate nutrient absorption.

Here are some of the Aloe Vera compounds:


Vitamins and Minerals

Aloe Vera contains vitamins: A,, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, E, folic corrosive and choline. Additionally,
Aloe Vera contains vitamin B12, a vitamin that veggie lovers can’t consume in high quantities due to their diet. When it regards to minerals, Aloe Vera contains calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, manganese, potassium, sodium and copper. Whenever combined, this mineral can boost metabolic pathways.


Aloe Vera contains important enzymes , for example, amylase and lipase. They help digestion by separating fat and sugar molecules.

Amino Acids

The salicylic acid in Aloe Vera helps fight inflammation, Aloe Vera is rich in more than 20 key amino acids that are required by the human body keeping in mind the end goal to work legitimately.


  •  Helps in end of obstruction, going about as a characteristic diuretic.
  • Helps in assimilation and facilitates stomach throbs and indigestion.
  • Directs blood sugars.
  • Detoxifies the body and colon.
  • Assists with weight reduction by expanding metabolic rate to smolder more calories.
  • Enhances course.
  • Helps in mending harm to inner tissues.
  • Controls pulse.
  • Hinders the development of malignant tumors.
  • Brings down cholesterol
  • Contains invulnerable boosting polysaccharides that diminishes aggravation.
  • Alkalizes body, diminishing heart blaze.
  • Helps vitamin and mineral Intake
  • Cures gums, in actuality aloe gel is by and large progressively utilized as a part of toothpastes.
  • Aloe vera juice is considered to have hostile to cancer-causing properties.
  • Rich wellspring of amino acids
  • Aloe Vera contains germanium, a mineral that helps your body right circulatory unsettling influences.
  • Aloe juice helps blood oxygenation, guarding your body against oxidative anxiety.

Aloe Vera can be used topically or you can consume it. On the off chance that you ingest it, you can control the convergence of Aloe in your juice mixture and smoothies.



  • A clean cutting board
  • A sharp fileting knife
  • An aloe plant
  • A clean plate
  • A clean cotton towel
  • A sterile glass jar
  • Fresh lemon juice
  • A ood processor (optional)


Wash your hands. Begin by washing your hands and cleaning the work surface. It is important to eliminate any undesirable microscopic organisms.

Choose leaves that are mature, thick, fleshy and a deep green in color. Leaves should to be no less than 4-6 inches long. The most seasoned and biggest furthest leaves close to the base of the plant are perfect, they contain a thick, supplement rich gel layer.

Cut the leaves. Use a sharp knife to make a clean cut, without hurting the plant. Cut near the base of the leaf and slice away from the center of the plant.

Rinse the outer skin of the leaves and knife. Presently put the cut leaves in a dish at a 45 degree plot for 15 minutes or so. This progression empowers the dark yellow, biting Aloe juice or latex to deplete out, which is found in the cells found simply under the surface of the leaf. The latex is a capable purgative, which can irritate the intestines. The laxative effect could bring about potassium levels to end up low.

Remove the serrated edges and skin precisely. Place the concave side down on a cutting board. Next, cut around the perimeter. This will leave you with the top and bottom layer of skin, uncovering the Aloe gel in the middle. Run the knife simply under the top layer and peel it away. You can do likewise on the inverse side.

Remove the gel from every leaf and place it in a perfect jar. You can press some lemon juice over it and shake the jar to coat equally.

Pour the gel into a food processor and make a smooth gel. Keep the gel in a sealed jar in the fridge. It can stay up to a week.


If you wanna to use it topically, clean and cut the leaf lengthwise way and rub the gel on the wound few times each day, until it is totally healed.

For medicinal use, take 30 ml of the gel, 3 times a the day.

Source: mrhealthguide.com