Here Is Why You Should Always Sleep On Your Left Side!

Sleeping is a very important part of our health. It is very important to give your body enough rest in order for it to function properly. Lack of sleep can lead to fatigue, bad mood, and some diseases.


When it comes to sleeping position, there are many different theories. However, according to some Buddhist writings, the Buddhist monks considered that sleeping on the left side is the best.

Even though it sounds strange, this sleeping position actually has many health benefits.

Health Benefits From Sleeping On The Left Side!

One of the biggest health benefits is better lymph function. Because the thoracic pipeline towards the lymph drains is located on the left side, it’s much easier to the lymph to transport proteins, glucose, waste materials and metabolites.

According to the Indian culture, you should lie down on your left side after eating not more than 10 minutes.

The pancreas and the stomach are also on the left side. That is why; laying on your left side can lead to better digestion. The food you consume will have a natural way across the digestive system, and all the enzymes will be secreted in a natural way.

Resting on your left side after meals can help you have better digestion, use all the nutrients from the food you consume and get rid of toxins.

One very important benefit of sleeping on your left side is better cardiac function. The human heart is mostly orientated towards the left side of the body. So, when you rest on your left side the heart is in natural position and it’s easier of it to pump blood through your body.