Apparently If You Put Garlic In Your Ears Overnight, THIS Happens!


Garlic has numerous uses,but one of the most effective for everyone is that it is very helpful in relieving headache or earache.You only need to put a few drops of garlic oil on a cotton ball and then put in on your ear.

If you notice a heat spreading through your ear then you should know that are the first signs which show that the pain and irritation will disappear quickly.In order to have a better results you must keep the cotton ball in your ear for about 30-35 minutes or longer,or you can also leave it to stay during the night.Anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties which are contained in garlic are so powerful that can treat any kind of infections in your ear and it can also kill the bacteria in our inner ear.On the other hand,the antiseptic properties can significantly reduce the risk of future infection.The inflammatory properties are also very good in reducing the swelling and throbbing.Garlic is also packed with many nutrients such as,Vitamin C and B6,calcium,potassium and fiber which are very efficient whenever our body needs help with flu and common cold.