How To Avoid Pregnancy Without Using Condoms – 5 Easy Ways!

Today undesirable and sudden pregnancies are a typical theme all around the globe. What’s more, we as a whole realize what it’s the purpose behind that – the vast majority of the general population don’t hone safe sex. By safe sex it is implied utilizing condoms.

You ought to engage in sexual relations without condom when you have an accomplice for a more extended timeframe. Also, yes you can abstain from winding up being pregnant even without utilizing a condom. Having an accomplice for a more extended timeframe does not imply that you are prepared to have youngsters, correct? What’s more, in this article you will perceive how.


1. What can be really effective in avoiding unwanted pregnancy are the birth control pills. These kinds of pills will control the fertility of the woman but before you use these pills, consult with a doctor.

2. Another thing you can try is pulling the penis out of the vagina before ejaculation. Just remember that this is not 100% sure, so try not to use it very often.

3. Another incredible strategy for ripeness counteractive action is the viable copper T. This is exceptionally compelling technique and in the event that you choose with running with this strategy then the specialist will put an insert gadget in the range around the uterus. Also, when the both accomplices are prepared to have kids, this gadget can be evacuated. There are no symptoms.

4. You can also try with having sex when it is ‘safe week’. By ‘safe week’ it is meant the time between the 8thday of the 20th day of woman’s cycle. To be more specific, the first day of her period you can have it.

5. The last method that you can try to avoid unwanted pregnancy is sterilization. But this should be used only by people that are 100% sure that they do not want to have children ever in their life. That is why this method is not recommended – because someone might change his/hers mind about having a children later in life, but then it will be too late.