Colored, Perfumed Toilet Paper is DANGEROUS TO YOUR HEALTH: Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Use It!

Numerous makers use distinctive advertising traps to influence you that their item is perfect.

There is an incredible decision of bathroom tissue these days, going from consistent white to perfumed and hued bathroom tissue, and various makers use distinctive advertising traps to induce you that the perfect bathroom tissue for you is the one they create. The fragrance and the shading are really the primary parameters you ought to pay consideration on when purchasing bathroom tissue.


Back in the 1987, the American Administration for Food and Drugs banned the utilization of specific hues and fragrances in the pharmaceutical business. After some testing made on creatures, it was found that specific hues and fragrances can bring about tumors.

Including distinctive counterfeit aromas and hues is terrible for human wellbeing, and these are just a portion of the results:

Infection of the urinary tract

Colored toilet paper can irritate the vaginal area, and its often use can cause infections of the urinary tract.

Fungal infections

One of the most frequent questions gynecologists ask women is if they use colored, perfumed toilet paper. Experts have confirmed the link between the fungal infections and the use of colored toilet paper.

Cervical cancer

Colored toilet paper can influence the reproductive system in women and its use increases the risk of cervical cancer.

Rectal problems

Using colored, perfumed toilet paper can cause inflammation and itching in the rectal area. Traces of blood in the feces are the most common sign of colon cancer.

Even the white toilet paper can be dangerous to your health. Some manufacturers whiten the paper with chlorine which releases dangerous toxins that can cause numerous health problems. Thus, every time you go shopping, read the labels of the products you buy.