How to Discover the EXACT Amount of Calcium Your Body Needs to Prevent Osteoporosis!


Why You Need It: Calcium, the most copious mineral in the body, is fundamental for muscle constrictions, a solid sensory system, blood thickening, hormone emission, and, obviously, solid bones. Inquire about additionally has demonstrated that getting enough calcium can counteract osteoporosis (when joined with general activity and sufficient levels of vitamin D); lower pulse; and diminish the danger of colorectal malignancy.

Instructions to Discover the EXACT Amount of Calcium Your Body Needs to Prevent Osteoporosis

The amount You Need


  • 1 to 3      500 mg
  • 4-8          800 mg
  • 9-18        1,300
  • 19-50     1,000
  • 50*         1,200

Great Food Sources

Dairy (yogurt, milk, cheddar), sardines, canned salmon with bones (the canning procedure makes the bones delicate and consumable; simply crush them with a fork), broccoli,cabbage, sustained refreshments like squeezed orange and soy milk, and tofu handled with calcium salt.

For Best Absorption…

Take your calcium in isolated dosages, with every measurement containing close to 500 mg.

You require vitamin D to retain and utilize calcium. Get 1,000 IU of vitamin D day by day, either through sun introduction (20 minutes of late morning sun) or through supplements (fundamental in the low-light winter).

Try not to take your calcium supplements in the meantime as nourishments containing elevated amounts of calcium-blocking phytic corrosive (like wheat grain or oat wheat) or oxalic corrosive (like spinach, rhubarb collard greens).

Take calcium at discrete times than iron supplements, since they vie for ingestion.

Best Forms

Calcium supplements come in two primary structures:

  1. Calcium carbonate/Inexpensive and omnipresent in supplements, this structure should be brought with nourishment for best assimilation. Likewise, settle on “refined calcium carbonate,” subsequent to foul calcium can contain lead.
  2. Chelated calcium/Like citrate, gluconate, or malate, however these cost additional, you assimilate them better (particularly citrate) and can go up against them an unfilled stomach.