Don’t Ignore This Warning Signs About Cold Hands

If you have spent all day outside and the weather is cold be sure that you will feel cold in your fingers. It is all normal.  Limbs can be cold because the body sends more blood and warm in the vital organs like heart, brain and the lungs explains David Friedman, cardiologist from New York. He also says that if your fingers are always cold as glaciers, even when outside is hot maybe your body is sending some signs that something serious is happening.


Here are some usual reasons for cold hands

Autoimmune disease

Sometimes there is some hidden reason for Reynaud’s symptoms. Lupus the autoimmune disorder where the immunity system attacks itself tissue, scleroderma, the disease that leads degenerative changes and skin scars, arthritis, and other autoimmune diseases lead to Reynaud. It is known as the second Reynaud. If the source is hidden there are other symptoms. When the main source is diagnosed Reynaud can be put under control.

Circulation problem

A lot of people think that this is the main problem at cold hands. Weak circulation appears when the blood flow that is rich with oxygen and nutritive is reduced because of weak heart pumping, like cholesterol or other reasons. When the blood doesn’t go through the body as it should that you feel the cold in your hands or feet, shudders because the hands and the feet are furthest of the heart.


Anemia is appearing when in the body there aren’t enough red blood cells or the level of the hemoglobin is on low level. The result of the anemia is low supplying of oxygen that provokes cold hands. Some of the reasons for low iron level can be if you don’t take enough iron with the diet, ulcers, and some types of cancer. With cold hands, anemia can provoke tiredness, headaches, and dizziness. In lot of cases anemia can be healed with enough iron in the blood.

Insufficiency of vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 that is present in the red meat, eggs, milk and in other dairy foods is really important for producing the red blood cells. The insufficiency of this vitamin leads to reduced production of red blood cells. This vitamin usually is insufficient at the vegetarians, but also people that have over 50 years can lose the ability for absorption this vitamin from the food. Simple blood test can reveal do you need to blame the insufficiency of B12 for your cold hands. If that is the reason you can solve this problem for about one week.

Low blood pressure

Low blood pressure is can appear because of lot of reasons including dehydration or some endocrines disorders. When the blood pressure is low the blood veins are taking the blood through the limbs and the vital organs leaving the fingers cold. If you have a low blood pressure with dizziness, tiredness, nausea inform your doctor.