Don’t Do This When You Have Your Period, It Might be Deadly – All Womens Must Read!


What you should not do when you have your period!

There are some things you should not do during the period. In the midst of this time of the month, some of the women are blessed with an easy period, and some are going through hell. When you’re in pain, there is a lot of discomfort in the body.

unprotected relationship

Chances are high for this time to become pregnant. To avoid infection, it is best not to have intimate relations during this period.

Never skip meals

Try not to skip meals. You must keep in mind that losing a lot of blood during this time and the food will make you feel energetic.

Stay away from physical labor

If you experience back pain or pain in the stomach during the period, to avoid doing any physicalwork, because only your pain worse.


It is impossible for most of us, however, we should strive to have free time during this period, at least one day. Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world.