Scientists have long examined the effects of red wine weight loss and the results they got will sure favor the ladies.

We all know that a lot of the drinks are filled with sugar or corn syrup and they are bad for our health. But there are some drinks that have numerous health benefits and they won’t hurt our waistline. One of them is Red Wine.

It is found that red wine contains a chemical called Ellagic acid which slows the growth of fat cells and stops the formations of new ones. This acid boosts our metabolism and also improves our digestion.

The latest researches confirmed that drinking a glass of red wine before going to sleep can help us lose weight.

A study by Harvard University researched a group of 20,000 women for a period of 13 years to put this theory to the test. The conclusion was that women who drink approximately two glasses of wine daily are less prone to obesity. Other research indicates that body fat can be burned by red wine.

Some people eat snacks and people are finding that red wine is a great evening snack. Red wine when used as a snack has fewer calories than what many people reach for like chips, candy bars, ice cream, or other sweets.

In a case where a woman wanted to test this theory, she actually found that she was able to drink red wine right before bed as a “snack” and lose six pounds in just three weeks. She said she was able to resist cravings for sweets and other unhealthy snacks before bedtime.

If you drink a glass of wine every day it will help you reduce appetite, feel more relaxed and cut cravings.

Here we are going to give you more amazing benefits of red wine:

  • Red wine contains active antioxidant known as quercetin which destroys cancer cells and help us treat different kinds of cancer.
  • It also contains procyandins that improve our cardiovascular functions and lower the risk of heart disease and stroke.
  • Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant and it helps us prevent Alzheimer’s disease.
  • If we drink a glass of red wine every night it will reduce the level of bad cholesterol and increase the level of good cholesterol
  • Red wine help people live longer. Researches found that people who drink red wine regularly live longer than others.

Source: Go Fit Stay Fit