The Most Effective Way To Make The White Clothes White Again!

We all want our white clothes to be as white as snow. But a real nightmare, especially for the housewives, is when the white clothes turn into pale grey, which happens often, after using and laundering them for some time.

Is there a way to prevent this from happening, can we make our white clothes white again? You`ve probably tried bleaching them, but it made things worse, didn`t it? It`s because the synthetic bleach is mostly thinning the clothes.



How can we make our white clothes white again?

Don`t despair, there are some natural remedies for your white clothes, the ones our great-grandmothers used long ago. Maybe the thing we need is not some expensive laundry product, but an old-fashioned mixture. We are talking about potassium permanganate. Give it a try, the results will amaze you.

How to use potassium permanganate on your white clothes?

The first thing you gonna need to do is buy some potassium pomegranate, of course. Then, add a few crystals to 10 liters of water. You should get a pink solution. Putting too much potassium permanganate will not make things better, and dark purple color is definitely the color you are after. Stir 200 grams of your detergent into the solution.

Your whitening combination is ready. Soak your white laundry in the liquid and cover it with a nylon bag. Soak your clothes in for at least 4-5 hours, but overnight is much better. The solution may have a unattractive shade, but you should not worry.

After your clothes have been soaked in for 4-5 hours or overnight, transfer them to your laundry machine and wash them as you usually do.

You can do the same process in the opposite way – first wash your clothes than soak them in the solution. If you are doing things this way, all that remains to be done is rinsing and hanging your clothes. Repeat the whitening procedure if needed until you are satisfied with your white and shiny bright clothes. You will be more than happy with the results, and everyone in your home will appreciate our effort.

Note that you can also use baking soda to whiten your clothes. It is inexpensive, affordable, and extremely effective as well.

You should mix 2-3 tablespoons of baking soda with the detergent you usually use. This will lower the hardness of the water, and it will also boost the power of the detergent. You can add some baking powder to the compartment where you add the detergent, and wash the laundry.

This will provide magnificent effects, and you will be pleased with the results! Your clothes will be white and fresh again!

Source: World Of Health 365