Our Entire Life We Have Been Washing Our Hair Wrong . This Is How You Should Actually Do It! (VIDEO)

Hair is of a big importance to leave a good first impression especially this is so for women. But the hair is changeable –at one time it is beautiful and other time it can turn to be messy. Women are getting really nervous if they notice dandruff or dry hair. They want their hair to be soft and soothing when they move their fingers through their hair.

What we do not realize is that washing your hair with shampoo will only make your hair beautiful and soft for a short period of time. And we have been doing that wrong all this time. You can make your hair to look beautiful for a longer period of time if you start washing your hair in the right way.

Here are the most usual mistakes that we make while washing our hair:

  1. It is really big mistake to use too many different shampoos. Perhaps you want to try new types, but your hair is in trouble while it is getting used to each new type of shampoo.
  2. Also, pouring too much shampoo is big mistake. Did you know that the recommended quantity is a coin size?
  3. Shampooing our whole head also is wrong. You need to shampoo the roots and condition the ends.
  4. Majority people always shampoo their scalp and that also is a mistake. There is no need to shampoo the scalp down always when you take a shower.
  5. Do you soak your hair before you apply shampoo? Well, in case you don’t you are making a big mistake. So, remember that the hair should be completely soaked before shampoo is applied.
  6. Another huge mistake is to rub the hair with a towel after a shower. Keep in mind that when the hair is wet it is very fragile and that is the reason why you should pat your hair dry gently.
  7. You should forget about brushing your hair while it is wet because that can bring damage to the hair.
  8. Even though it is very peasant and majority people enjoy in the hot showers, it actually is bad for the hair. If you soak the hair with hot water you dry out the skin and scalp. Therefore, it is recommended to rinse the hair with lukewarm or cold water.
  9. If you take a shower every day, and you also shampoo your hair every day it is a mistake. You definitely should skip once in a while applying shampoo because it can result in dry scalp.
  10. Scrubbing the scalp is a huge mistake. You should gently ‘massage’ you scalp with the fingers and also gently to move the fingers through the hair.

11. Another mistake that we make is waiting as long as we can between washes. We should understand that is only up to us when we need to wash our hair. It can be once during the week in winter and every day during summer.