If You Ever Get Stuck In A Sinking Car, THIS Is What You Need To Do To Survive. I Had No Idea!


This is one question that requires fast answer: imagine that you’re trapped in your car and you need to get out quickly, what are you going to do – try and break your windshield or your side window?

As experts explain, this decision may eventually save your life. In this article we are going to reveal you the best solution or better said the correct answer. Behind this incredible solution there is cool science and you need to see it.

Smarter Every Day is famous YouTube channel and there you can see how easy it can be to break a pane of tempered glass, just like the one the side windows of your car are made out of.

 This guy repeatedly is throwing it on the ground and failing to break it, and then he puts a little addition on its weakest point and makes certainly the coolest slow motion clip you’ll ever see.

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Source: www.mycentralhealth.com