What Your Hand Size Says About Your Personality

Does your hand size have anything to do with your identity? A few studies say that, yes, your hand size has a great deal to do with who you are.


Make sure to get the proper measurement:

  1. Measure your hands by placing your thumb at your elbow.
  2. Stretch out your hand.
  3. If you cannot easily reach your wrist, your hands are small. Otherwise, have proportionally large hands.
  • Are your hands little?

There is a basic approach to discover. Twist your hand toward your wrist. On the off chance that you can without much of a stretch touch your wrist, you have little hands.

Individuals with little hands like enterprise, and wouldn’t fret the danger included. Individual connections, similar to sentiment, are never exhausting! Show rules. Individuals with little hand size have a tendency to be audacious with their things and cash, as well. They are very liberal.

Sensible ways to deal with critical thinking are utilized by little given individuals, and they don’t delay when confronted with an issue.

  • Are your hands vast?

On the off chance that your hand size is vast, you have a tendency to be somewhat of a fussbudget. Points of interest are imperative for you, and you have an abnormal state of occupation execution. You do have a tendency to be to some degree more delicate than the normal individual, and, understanding that, you might be fairly standoffish upon prologue to outsiders. You know that you may go overboard to specific circumstances, which clarifies your alert.

  • The shape of your palm also plays a role.

If you have square palm, then you are practical and logical person.You might be great at mathematics. You prefer a logical approach, and do not believe in intuition.

People with rectangular palms tend to solve their problems faster. Unlike the people with a square palm, they are more intuitive.

If you have long hands and square palm, you are sensitive and adventurous person.

People with short fingers are very good leaders.

Longer fingers can indicate a curious personality.

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