Heinz Ketchup Banned (And Why You Should Avoid It)

Have you knew that Heinz Ketchup was banned?You still have it in your fridge?You cannot eat your french fries without your Heinz Ketchup?You must stop with that immediately!!This has shocked many people who were using this ketchup because recently it was banned in Israel.This happened due to its low tomato content and that is why they do not classify it as a ketchup anymore.


Below you can read a few reasons why you should avoid it:

1.It contains high fructose corn syrup

This ketchup contains high fructose corn syrup from GMO corn.Many doctors have denied the usage of Heinz Ketchup,otherwise people will be exposed to high risk of diabetes,obesity and heart disease.

But that’s not all,recent studies have shown that fructose syrup which is in the Heinz Ketchup was loaded with mercury(a toxic heavy metal).That is why nowadays doctors recommend to their patients to avoid the food which contains this toxin.

2.It contains distilled vinegar and sugar

Heinz Ketchup contains about 4 grams of sugar,one serving is about one tablespoon.By consuming just a small tablespoon you will provide unhealthy amount of sugar for yourself in just one meal.Be aware of this!

This ketchup also contains distilled vinegar which is made from GMO corn.

Hugh sugar consumption without any other nutrients or fiber can lead to drastic peak of blood sugar levels. This is associated with pancreas and liver damage.

3.Heinz ketchup has no nutritional value

The last but not the least reason to avoid Heinz ketchup is that it has no nutritional value. It doesn’t contain neither fiber, nor proteins or any other nutrients. The tiny amount of tomato paste it contains has almost microscopic quantity of lycopene.

Heinz ketchup is basically made of nothing but sugar, GMOs and chemicals and has no redeeming significance. Not only ketchup, but other condiments also are made of similar ingredients and they should be excluded from your diet.