In this Italian village , every 10th resident lives more than 100 years. Their recipe for longevity is ….

In a village in Italy every tenth resident lives more than a hundred years and the secret to their longevity consists of nothing but eating healthy food.


Scientists last six months spent investigating why the residents in the village Acharoli, located 145 kilometers south of Naples-Italy, live so long. Experts emphasize their healthy diet and add that even older people are still greatly sexually active. As a result, people have developed strong immunity against heart disease, dementia and other conditions associated with age compared with the rest of the Western world.

According to official statistics , 81 person in the village exceeded one century life. Hundred years old Antonio Vassallo says that longevity and good health is mainly achieved due to the Mediterranean diet based on olive oil , vegetables, fish and fresh fruit.

” We eat only healthy food,” he says. His wife, 93 -year-old Amina , adds: ” We eat a lot of fish , and fresh products which we grow by our self . We have our own rabbits ,chickens. Only local products. And olive oil , we consume what we produce . ”

Acciaroli is part of the Cilento coast, an area of outstanding natural beauty where the late US nutritionist Ancel Keys first established convincing evidence of the health benefits of a Mediterranean diet based on olive oil and rich in fresh fruit, vegetables and fish.

As well as reaching extremely old age, people in Acciaroli and tiny communities nearby also seem to be largely immune to dementia, heart disease and other chronic conditions associated with ageing in most of the Western world.

“Is there something in their genes that combined with something they do makes them healthier and longevity? ” Asks Mejsel . ” They eat rosemary almost every day , which they grow it – perhaps it contributes in some way. We know that rosemary improves brain function . Also, they are all physical active. Whether it’s fishing , walking or gardening , they are doing something every day . ”

The study included 80 older people, including 25 centenarians .

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