-The shot actually makes you sick

Usually, vaccinated children get sick after vaccination. This is because the flu virus has entered their bodies and sensitizes it against it. And, what’s more, the flu shot actually causes immunosuppression-weakened immunity.

-They contain toxic ingredients like mercury

Mercury is a heavy metal with serious side effects like heart problems, digestive imbalance, loss of memory, breathing problems, ADD, depression, etc.

-The flu shot increases the chances of Alzheimer’s

According to a research done by Dr. H. Fudenberg, an immunogeneticist, individuals who were regularly vaccinated with the flu shot, had an increased risk of Alzheimer’s by 10 times. This is a result, as the doctor elaborates, of the toxic combination of mercury and aluminum in the vaccine. In elders, this shot only causes weaker immunity and increased chances of serious diseases.

-Money, money, money

According to an investigation done by the Committee on Government Reform, individuals serving on two key committees had financial connection to the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture the vaccines.

-Lack of evidence that the shot helps children

51 studies with 260000 children at the age between 6 and 23 provided no data that these vaccines are more beneficial than a placebo. Moreover, they only prevent certain bacteria strains, while leaving us unprotected from other viruses.

-Serious neurological disorders

The detrimental ingredients present in the vaccine can cause certain neurological problems. Namely, in 1976 people who received the vaccine developed Guillain-Barre Syndrome- a permanent nerve damage and paralysis.

-Weakened immunological responses

There have been more than 1000 of journal articles pointing out the dangerous immunological responses and other infections from the vaccine. Poor immunological response prevents the ability of a person to prevent the diseases that the vaccine is supposed to fight against.

-Higher risk of narcolepsy

A study showed that children from 12 countries developed narcolepsy after getting vaccinated. The study also compared 3.3 million Swedes who got the shot, with 2.5 million who did not. The youngest ones from the vaccinated group were at the highest risk.

-More prone to pneumonia

When strains from the vaccine are injected in the body of a person with a poor immune system, they cause serious side effects by impeding the health and increasing the chances of more serious symptoms like pneumonia and other contagious illnesses as well.

-Vascular disorders

Medically speaking, the vaccines against the flu are closely associated with vascular inflammation. The symptoms can be painful jaw, pain in the upper arms, neck, shoulders, hips, headaches, stiff neck, muscle pain, etc.

-Children under the age of 1 have an increased risk

Babies under the age of 1 are more prone to neurotoxic breach of the nerve center around their brain and the central nervous system, since their bodies don’t have the needed protection for prevention of premature damage of the brain’s blood barriers.