DID YOU KNOW: This Is The Most Dangerous Reason Why You Should Never Drink Water That Has Been To Long in The Car

Do you ever happen to find a lost bottle of water on the floor of the car and turn off thirst, regardless of how long the bottle is there? Well, you’re not the only. Here’s why this practice is bad.


Bottled water can contain germs that can attack the body of individuals with weakened immune systems.

This water may contain bacteria that come either from a water source, or the bacteria may be introduced in the process of bottling and occur during exposure to heat inside the car during long periods of storage. If a person enters the accumulated pathogens, can become ill, start to vomit or get diarrhea. To conclude, if you saved a bottle of water in your vehicle for an indefinite period of time, it should be thrown away immediately.

Source : www.prirodna-medicina.info