What Your Marriage Line Says About Your Marriage!


1. Close to the heart line – If they are two or more lines close together always choose the longest one. And this is indicator for early marriage, something like getting married in the 20’s.

2. Close to the base of little finger – This is the opposite of the previous one – indicator for late marriage and the chances for marriage will come from 35 to 50 years old.

3. Exactly in the middle between heart line and the base of ring finger – Marriage around 30’s.

4. So many lines – Having shorter line than the others is indicator for marriage luck.

5. A really long singe line – This indicates happy and long-lasting marriage.

6. There’s a star appear close or attached to the line – Indicates good luck and new relationship, marriage or children.

7. The line goes upward – Indicator for people with increased desire for marriage. And do not give up if you have this line, you will eventually find your soul mate.

8. The line goes downward – Indicator for low stamina because of work, stress or being too obsessed with choosing the right partner for you.