Because Of This Never Include Climate Immediately Upon Entering The Car: The Reason is Scary

Obviously a lot of drivers are not realizing the danger that threatens them…

Do you turn the air conditioner after you enter in your car?Have you thought sometimes that it could be dangerous?Do you even heard about this?You may do not want to believe in this but we will give you a reason to start.Well the main reaso why you should not immediately include climate is medical.For example,when you go at shopping and you leave your car parked in the shade,it actually produces between 500 and 900 miligrames of benzene(known as benzol).This liquid when it is mixed with air it is can be flammable.


It is used in the manufacture of plastics, explosives, pints, and as a solvent. At high ambient temperatures the amount of benzene produced in the car reaches 4000 milligrams, even 40 times more than what is allowed by the rules. This means that if upon the entering the car windows are closed, we directly inhale large amount of benzene, thereby hurting our kidneys, liver and bones.

The worst thing in all this is that our body can not easily get rid of this toxic substance from the body, and a large part remains in us. The question is what can we do about this?

Before entering the car drop all the way the windows and the doors and ventilate the interior, at least 2 to 5 minutes. After that you can turn the climate and remove the accumulated toxins.