Next Time You Buy A Toothpaste Pay Attention To This


After reading this, you will realize that the toothpaste packaging provides information about things you never thought of before.

Pay attention to the lower part of the tube, where you will notice a colored square.

This square may be in different colors, depending on the composition of the toothpaste. You should be able to recognize them.

That’s why we will give you information about these differently colored squares:

Green – Fully naturally. The color that speaks to toothpaste made with Natural segments.

Blue – Natural substances + drugs. This color implies that the toothpaste contains some sort of medicinal additions

Red – Natural substances + chemicals. This color implies that the toothpaste has natural segments with chemical additions

Black – Chemicals. This means that the toothpaste is made of nothing but chemical constitutes

On the other hand, even though this information is available to customers, there are some contradictory claims that these colors have nothing to do with the toothpaste ingredients. However, you can check yourself by reading the list of ingredients. The decision is yours!

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