This may not seem like an important thing to consider its just peeing right? Wrong! The number of times you hit the loo is very important in determining how hydrated you are.

Dr. Neil Grafstein, assistant professor of urology at the Mount Sinai’s Hospital’s NYC, answer all our urine related questions.

How often should one pee?

There is no defined strict number of times for peeing, but average it is at least four times a day with a maximum of seven times a day. But wait, don’t panic if you are peeing more then seven times a day, it’s still normal. Mainly, it depends from your hydration and how you hydrate yourself.

Drinking too much water will make you pee more often, as will excessive amounts of coffee, alcohol and other so-called bladder irritants. People with sensitive bladders can also expect to pee even at the slightest urge.

Can we pee too often?

Unfortunately, there is. If you pee 11 times per day or more after drinking two liters of fluid, this could mean you have a problem with pee frequency. Oftentimes, too much peeing is due to an overactive bladder, which may be contracting more than necessary. This results to feeling the urge to pee a lot. But Dr. Grafstein says we can train our bladder. The condition is that we don’t have incontinence problems.

Other Urine related Facts

  • Holding your pee isn’t bad, unless it starts to hurt.
  • Habitually holding your pee can increase risk for infections of the bladder.
  • The normal pee color is see-through yellow.
  • Some foods can change the color of the pee. Eg: Eating blackberries can change it to pink.
  • Asparagus can cause your pee to be foul-smelling.
  • Pee is 95% water.
  • Sweet-smelling urine is a sign of diabetes
  • The average stream of pee is about seven seconds.
  • Your urine stream becomes weaker as you grow older.
  • You also pee more as you age.

To avoid sleep disruption from the urge to pee, try not to drink more fluids close to bed time.

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