Place A Few Leaves Of This Plant In Every Corner Of Your House And You Will Never See A Single Cockroach Again!


Let us be honest – no matter man or woman, everyone gets a little bit scare of the physical appearance of cockroaches. And they are really disgusting insects because they relate to garbage and dirt and when you see them in your home you are going insane.

The most interesting fact about them is that they have the power of adaptation and that makes them to be able to live anywhere in the world and that they can live without food for month or even more. Have you ever wonder what are these insects eating? Well they are omnivores – they eat plants and other animals. That means they can find food very easily and that is another reason why they can be found anywhere in the world.

Their stool leaves chemical traces (because they are related to garbage and dirt) and that way they are communicating with each other and that way they can find food or water very easy. And if you ever wondered why they are in a certain place at your home, now you have your answer.

But this article will show you a way of how to get rid of these disgusting insects forever!

There are solutions about cockroaches that can be easily found in the markets but they contain high amount of chemicals and that is really bad for your kids and even yourself. The following trick of getting rid of these insects is very effective and it is safe for your kids and you.

For this trick you will need bay leaves. And this plant is not killing the cockroaches. And now you are asking yourself – then how it is good? –Well because cockroaches cannot stand the smell of this plant and that will make them to leave. All you will need to do is to place laurel branches in every corner of your house and to place ten bay leaves in the garden (or in the kitchen) and you will notice that the cockroaches are gone! Putting bay leaves if you have a pet is a must!

For the best results possible you should use dry leaves and to crush them and to make a powder because that way they release a stronger smell. But you can also use fresh bay leaves.