If You Have This Plant In Your House, You Will Never See Mice, Spiders and Other Insects Again!

When you hear about spiders,mice or other insects you obviously get disgusted and scared.These insects can also develop into a shell due to the exoskeleton in which they are covered.Probably you do not like to see them never in your house.Most of them are small and they can be stuck in the smallest place but there are beetles which are of major size.They play very important role in nature and usually you can find them on different plants.But if you want to keep these insects away from your home,you should have this plant in your house.


A wonderful plant in the struggle against the plagues

Insects and their similar ones take charge decomposing and eliminating an important percentage of the organic matter; being also the principal pollinizers of plants of ecological and economic importance.

Their disagreeable appearance usually generates screams and sometimes even throwing shoes in the majority of the persons. We all respect nature, but we do not want spiders near our family, or a cockroach poking our food.

The following plant is a perfect solution for insects and it is also like a repellent which will make your home to smell refreshing.The main ingredient is fresh mint, a type of aromatic grass of big diffusion, appreciated by its characteristic refreshing fragrance. It is usually used in gastronomy, but many people don’t leave aside its therapeutic properties.

How to use it?

It is very simple. You should prepare a well concentrated mint tea. Place it in a spray bottle and spray every corner of your home, especially the corners of the doors and the rims of the windows.