Powerful Mixture: Cure Sore Throat And Tonsils

Humans have been treating themselves of different diseases for centuries using natural remedies. They prepared remedies in their home to get relief from different types of health problems. These recipes became part of the traditional treatments and were used for centuries, from generation to generation. Our ancestors passed these remedies onto us.

These remedies have always been remembered because they have been effective and offered great health benefits.

Are you suffering from tonsils or sore throat? Here is a homemade remedy that has been handed down for centuries to help treat the condition. It can help you get relief from the problem within 4 hours.


A drink for sore throat and tonsils – the recipe:
Pour 200 ml of water over 80 g of ground caraway seeds (kimmel, common caraway, lat. Carum carvi) and boil it for 15 minutes. You will get a thick elastic mass, which is similar to coffee grounds.Strain it and add 50 ml of water and boil it again. Remove it from the heat and add 1 tablespoon of cognac (or brandy).
Your medicine is ready!

How to consume the drink:
Drink one tablespoon of it on every 30 minutes. After only 2 hours, the pain in the throat will start to disappear and you will be able to swallow easily. After 4 hours you can end the treatment. You can drink it for a longer period, in more severe cases. This drink is recommended to everyone who is prone to colds and often suffers from sore throat and tonsils.