You Probably Didn’t Know This 12 Facts About Farting

Human body has many different functions. Some of them, like burping, hiccups and farting make us laugh, but often they are embarrassing and annoying.

Do you agree that farting is the most interesting? Except that the farts sound and smell funny, there are several other things that you probably don’t know.


  • It is interesting that “forth as wind from the anus” is the original meaning of fart. This name is created in
  • An adult person on average farts 14 times a day.
  • Farts are not something that you should be embarrassed Namely, if you fart that means that you are healthy. Only healthy digestive tract is able to produce farts. So, if you are not farting at all you should visit doctor.
  • These 14 farts per day are enough to fill up a balloon.
  • Farts go as fast as 10 ft/
  • Farts are consisted of hydrogen sulfide that reduces mitochondrial damage. Moreover, smelling farts can be healthy, therefore next time you fart take a nice deep breath and thank the person.
  • Men fart more often than women.
  • Female farts are much stinkier due to the fact they have higher concentration of hydrogen sulfide. In same time, female farts are healthier to smell.
  • Those people who have very tight sphincter produce louder farts as there is smaller tighter area to squeeze out from.
  • As a matter of fact, gum and soda make you fart more. So, if you know somebody who farts a lot and also drinks a lot of soda and chewing gum, we recommend you to hide it from them.
  • Most of the farting is happening at night while we sleep.
  • Termites are animals which produce the most fart. After them are camels, zebras, sheep, cows, elephants and dogs (labs and retrievers in particular).