Put a Little Mint Cream on Garlic – You Will Regret You Did Not Know This Before!


Menthol has been used for a long time, and the world knows it. It is used to treat headaches, colds, hack, stuffy nose, sore throat.

We give you an exceptional use of menthol:

  • Sinus migraines

Coat with to some degree mint under your nose and breathe in significantly. He is the best altering to alleviate cerebral agonies.

  • Mosquito

Apply to some degree mint on pieces of clothing and skin to shock bothering mosquitoes.

  • For acne

This may come as a stun to you, however Vicks can cleanse the skin. Apply it on the impacted domain a couple times every day. This will dry out skin break out and alleviates any exacerbation.

  • Repels insects

Rub a little menthol in the neck, elbows, and behind the ears.

  • For wounds

Incorporate a crush of salt in a little menthol cream and rub it on another injury. This will envision swelling.

  • Hydration of the skin

Carefully rub some menthol on dry skin.