If You See Any Of These Signs Painted In Front Of Your House, Inform The Police Immediately!

house-signs (1)

You should be careful, and if you notice any of these signs painted in front of your house – you should call the police immediately.  This is a list of cryptic codes and symbols, which is believed to be used by thieves to mark homes as they plan raids has emerged online.


You will notice that the signs, which range from labelling a house as a “good target” to “nothing worth stealing”.You ought to be exceptionally cautious and watch out for these markings,which were distributed on a police Twitter channel and Facebook profile.

Few victims reported that they’ve noticed these signs in front of their houses, 2 days before they were robbed.So,if you see any of these signs before your house,call the police promptly! We really hope you find this article helpful and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.



See video below to see how burglar’s can brek into your home:

Source: My Central Health