Sprinkle Cinnamon Around Your Home and You Will Never See Ants and Bugs Again!


Getting rid of ants is hard and annoying job.

Chemical warfare doesn’t always work plus they are dangerous for your health.

But here’s what insect repellent manufacturers don’t want you to know:

What you need to do is use:



Ants are quite a bit confused by it.

Their confuse because cinnamon affects their primary means of communication – pheromone trails.

Instructions to DO IT

It’s as simple simply sprinkle a touch of plain, powdered cinnamon wherever you see ants hanging out in your home.

Put it on splits, windows, entryways, close to your trash jars, and so on.

An option is cinnamon vital oil, simply plunge a Q-Tip in it and draw a line over the entryways and breaks in your home.