Are You Still Going To Crack Your Knuckles After Watching This Video !


Are you one of those who crack their knuckles frequently? If yes, then you most likely do not know the disadvantages of the cracking.
You probably think that when the movement in your joints takes place, you feel relieved. Do you find the sound pleasing? This topic has been a puzzle for a long time. However, a study gave us the answer to the puzzle: in fact, the sound comes from a gas-filled cavity in the synovial liquid in the joints. When you move your joints, the cavity reduces.

To perform the study, Jerome’s fingers were appended to a link within a tube and afterward each pulled each one in turn as a MRI recorded the entire thing and what they found might amaze many of us.

What is actually happening: in the process the cavity is created, similar to a vacuum that attempts to fill the expanding joint volume that is opening up as the liquid in the joint is depleting. That makes the popping sound.

Years ago was known that splitting knuckles can lead to joint inflammation, but according to the specialist frequent splitting of knuckles can harm your joints and ligaments, so if you do it you may now consider stopping.

Watch the whole process in the video below!