TOMATO THERAPY: If This Video Does Not Relax You, Then Nothing Will !

People who have watched this video cutting tomatoes which lasts three and a half minutes said that after this video they felt calm. The trick is to reverse therapy, that is the video released by the end of the cutting tomatoes to its inception.


Slashing Tomatoes is one of various ”reverse terapy”  YouTube recordings by Wryfield Lab.

Others incorporate Chopping Paprika and Chopping Kiwi which show peppers and kiwis being cut and therefore un-cut.

Yet, the tomato cut appears to have caught individuals’ creative abilities the most with more than 710,355 views.

Maker of the recordings, Linas Lakavicius, who is situated in Lithuania, maintains a little assembling business with his companion that likewise includes video generation which implied he had the gear to make the recordings.

We’re not sure about you, but we certainly find the sound of the knife slicing through the tomato flesh strangely gratifying.

Enjoy the Video: