Turnip Kills 90% of Breast Cancer Cells & Lowers Risk

There is a myriad of natural foods and compounds that have been studied for their disease-preventing and even disease-treating abilities. While the pharmaceutical industry pushes patented drugs that cause numerous side-effects, researchers are unveiling how we can use nature’s gifts to prevent and treat ailments ranging from diabetes, to arthritis, to even cancer.


Turnip Kills 90% of Breast Cancer Cells & Lowers Risk: A newly discovered compound from turnips was seen to kill 90% of human breast cancer cells (MCF-7) in vitro after just 12 hours. The turnip compound, known as brassicaphenanthrene A, was also a very potent antioxidant, preventing up to 97% of oxidative damage to LDL cholesterol in vitro. Turnips contain high levels of  phytonutrients as well which are associated with reduced risk of cancer. The glucosinolate levels in turnip greens are excellent. Research shows that plant compounds like glucosinolates help the liver process toxins, fight the effects of carcinogens and may even inhibit the growth of tumors.

How does Turnip help in the fight against Breast cancer?

Laboratory research has found that Brassica vegetables can help fight against breast cancer. Women in their premenopausal period as well as in post menopause are benefitted greatly. In various countries like U.S., Japan, Korea and China, consumption of Turnip has been linked with lower rates of Breast cancer.

While buying Turnip, try to eat them raw and look for the smallest ones. You can cook the larger ones but if you want to consume them raw, the smallest ones are your best bet.

Source: mycentralhealth.com