Vitamin B17 is Banned Because it Cures Cancer

It is found that cancer can be treated with vitamin B17 and that is the reason why this vitamin is banned. Pharmaceutical magnums do not want the world to know this because they will lose their profits.


People fight this disease and very often they lose that battle without knowing that the remedy exists. Millions of people die from cancer every year.

There are several doctors who used this vitamin to treat their patients and they saved their lives. Unbelievable but these doctors faced prosecution.

In this article we are going to give you a story of a woman who fought the disease alone using vitamin B17.

One Patient, Sandy, had already been through rounds of chemotherapy, and went into remssion, only to find out 5 more tumors had developed.Her doctors wanted to put her through more chemo, however, her homeopathic healthy doctor suggested vitamin B17.She found it inexpensively on Amazon and began taking it.As soon she began taking it, her cancer went into remission.Unfortunately,as she stopped taking t, it once again returned.She picked back up on taking the B17, adminstering 500 mg twice a day to herself.In about 10 weeks,her 5 tumors had been destroyed, and her cancer was completely gone!

Source: Go Fit Stay Fit