Want To Have Shiny And Healthy Hair? READ THIS ARTICLE!

1. At the beginning you have to realize that you should not wash more than three times each week. However if you have to wash your hair more often, it can still remain healthy and shiny. For all hair types is essential to use good shampoos and hair conditioners, which will strengthen, regenerate and prevent breakage of your hair.

2. You have to apply the shampoo just on top of your head and after that you have to thoroughly shampoo the rest of your hair.
If rub too much the rest of the hair, especially at the top of your head, you will create a lot of tangled hair nodules.. Now you should to realize that wet hair is the most fragile hair. Therefore the hair knots will cause breaking of the hair.
That is the reason you have to thoroughly wash the top of your head, because all the grease and dirt are accumulated there. As for the rest of the hair it is enough that you soak it with the foam.


 3. You must not comb your hair while it is wet. Gently soak up the remaining water with a towel, without rubbing. Then gently run your fingers through your hair after applying the conditioner. You can then comb your hair, but make sure that you have a good brush.
4. Your hair brush does not need to be expensive, because the most critical thing that it has rounded pinnacles, however not pointed. At the top of your hand you can attempt and check whether the hair brush is rough or gentle. With hair brushes with rounded tops, the hair breakage is minimal and these brushes do not damage the hair.
5. You have to wash your hair with a very cold water. Along these your hair will be smooth, and most importantly less cracks will appear.
6. After you have washed and brushed your hair, you have to towel dry it. Try not to put your hair in a turban and don’t rub it since along these lines you will most likely make hair ties. You have to tenderly wipe your hair from the roots to the tips.
7. Before you star drying your hair, you have to apply oil, cream or spray for thermal protection.This way you will keep the breaking of the hair tips.
8. You can still use hair straightener, hair curling accessory and hair dryer. Be that as it may it is essential no to abuse them. Do whatever it takes not to use the hair straightener or the Figaro every time. Once per week is fine, but anything more than that will surely damage your hair.
9. Subsequent to having connected method for warm insurance hair, dry it and you can start to rectify your hair. Notwithstanding you should be watchful how you rectify your hair. In the first place you have to peruse the maker’s guidelines concerning the greatest temperature and time of the hair fixing process. Artistic hair straighteners are better for your hair, since they are slightest harming for the hair.

10. Pick a hairdryer with no less than 2000W quality. This hair will rapidly dry your hair so that the hair won’t have sufficient energy to overheat. You have to delicately brush your hair while drying it. In any case you have to recall that you have to keep the hair dryer no less than 5 cm from the hair with a specific end goal to maintain a strategic distance from any harm.

11. You should evade Brazilian hair fixing, in view of the unsafe measures of formaldehyde.

12. All hair hues contain peroxide, which wrecks the versatility of the hair which is the reason the tops break. That is the reason you have to apply shading just on the root and afterward brush it to tip and abandon it to represent a couple of minutes. To make your hair search crisp for a more extended timeframe, you have to utilize shampoos intended for shaded hair. On the off chance that you utilize these shampoos, your hair will look brighter, more advantageous, and the shading will last more.

Source: healthylivingdoctor365.com