WARNING: If You Eat This For Breakfast It May Be Killing You…


According to recent news,Quaker Oats are containing a highly carcinogenic compound which i known a glyphosate which is classified as potentially dangerous for humans.Latest test have confirmed that it is containing high amounts of glyphosate.

Daly filed a class action lawsuit in the Federal District Courts of both California and New York, seeking a full disclosure by the company of its use of glyphosate in its oatmeal as well as making full consumer refunds.

The company is believed to market its products as completely natural and this has infuriated Daly and consumers alike as it is a false and misleading form of advertising.

This compound — glyphosate is a herbicide mostly used in the eliminating of weeds often a major ingredient in weed treatment products such as Ortho and Roundup.

The argument of Daly is that the company should not mislead consumers who genuinely want 100% natural oats into thinking that their oatmeal products are completely natural.

PepsiCo are owners of the Quaker Oats brand which products are completely natural and are also including a cleaning process that eliminates large quantities of the herbicide.

Further testing revealed that Quaker Oats actually comprises of glyphosate which is about 4% of the permissible level and so the oatmeal is below the minimum level prescribed by the EPA.