The World Has Gone Mad For This Magnificent Purple Bread! It CURES CANCER And Prevents Neurological And Cardiovascular Diseases!!

We know it sounds veird, but it is true. The entire world is discussing this amazing discovery of Professor Zhou Weibiao, from the University of Singapore.

This professor was attempting to figure out how to change the bread formula, but at the same time he needed to save the brilliant taste and the delicate quality of the normal bread. The last result of his exploration is this grand purple bread. The most important thing about this bread is that it is made from all natural ingredients.


He started with extracting anthocyanin, the natural blue color from dark rice, which can likewise be found in blueberries and grapes, leaving its starch mixes. You have to put anthocyanin in the bread mixture and the bread won’t be white any longer. This purple mixture is in fact way this bread is that much healthy. That is the reason you should to consume it!

Next thing you have to know is that you have to prepare this bread at 200 degrees. now you should to realize that when baked like this 80 percent of the cell reinforcement anthocyanin is saved. This compound responds with the catalysts in the flour, which is the reason this purple bread is 20 percent lighter to process than the standard bread. Another motivation behind why you have to devour this purple bread is that it is anything but difficult to process and it will help you take your sugar levels back to typical.

Consuming this bread is likely the best way to deal with enter the principal measures of starch and wheat flour, and still keep the dietary quality on the same level.

The fundamental objective in devouring this bread is to back off the arrival of vitality.

In like manner, anthocyanin is acknowledged to have a constructive outcome the rotundity and it helps in the shirking of cardiovascular and neurological ailments, and much development.

Purple bread is not yet accessible in business parts, in light of the way that the instructor iis as yet taking a shot at an arrangement with some prestigious sustenance makers. Consequently, this awesome purple bread will be in the markets in a matter of seconds.